A Summer Rain  ::  Just Beneath The Surface


a summer rain A Summer Rain
ISBN: 978-1-936279-56-2
Published: November 26th, 2010
by Amira Press

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Amazon.com    Amira Press

Shana Sanders was moving on with her life after the only man she ever loved walked away from her with no explanation. One rainy Chicago afternoon, she's stunned to find him standing at her doorstep begging for forgiveness.

Robert wants her back in his life as he tries to convince her that his departure had nothing to do with his feelings for her but everything to do with his bigoted father and brother.

Can Shana forgive him and recapture the love they shared, or will hatred and ignorance keep them apart forever?

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a summer rain Just Beneath The Surface
ISBN: 978-1-936279-12-8
Published: November 26th, 2010
by Amira Press

Available at:
Amazon.com    Amira Press

Grace Williams, a forty-three year old black college swimming coach reluctantly falls in love with her twenty-two year old, white swim student, Eric Bailey. Grace not only has to reconcile the age and race difference between them, but also the ethics of dating a student. To complicate things even further, she has to choose between Eric and her current lover, Edward, who's not so willing to let her go.

Eric has his own issues to deal with concerning his sister's death, his alcoholic mother, and his adulterous father.

Can the two of them find happiness in each others' fractured lives?



I want to know why you would think I'm not sincere in my attraction to you. . ."

Grace nudged his hand from her shoulder, She was almost certain that their conversation was being overheard, and she was petrified it would come back to haunt them later. Her gaze darted around the large room as she scanned for the disapproving stares she was sure would abound. She was relieved to find her search fruitless for the moment. She folded her arms and held them tight against her.

" . . .because I am," Eric continued, reaching out for her chin and turning her face back to his. "I think you're fucking gorgeous, and I'm not ashamed to say I've done some ‘inappropriate' things to myself at night thinking about you."

"Eric!" she screamed with an expression of pure horror on her face.

"Grace!" he said, mocking her tone and expression exactly.

"Why do you have to be so obscene?" she whispered, while she primped her hair and smiled at the other guests as they walked by. Eric was standing at her side now, the both of them standing on the sidelines of the main entryway into the auditorium as though they were the hosts. Eric stood with his legs apart and his hands clasped behind his back. Grace stood next to him with her folded arms still hugging her body..

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